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Although it may be cheapest to do a search of find a form on a website, it may not be prudent to do so. Serious legal consequences come from some surprisingly subtle things. For example, when the Sheriff is unable to find the person names in a lawsuit, foreclosure for example, the next step if to appoint a non-involved attorney to send a letter to whatever address can be found. After that, someone’s property can be sold out from under them with no further notice. Law can be devastatingly subtle.

A better way to save money is to have a limited representation agreement. Most lawyers are not particularly interested in this because of the risk of clients blaming the lawyer for their own mistakes, but you can always ask and maybe hire a lawyer for some limited part of your case. This too may not be the wisest choice, depending on the situation. There are times when the complexity of your situation make it advisable to have a lawyer to oversee the entire case to ensure that things are done on time and correctly.

Unless you case is really simple, we recommend contact an attorneys for direction.  Here are a few of our contributors:

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