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Here we hope to provide suggestions for legal help for less!

How does someone get legal help without emptying their bank account? There are a number of ways to do that. First, some people try to muddle through without legal help. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. People who handle their own criminal case are often referred to as convicts. People who handle their own foreclosure are soon called homeless.

Still, there are a number of do-it-yourself ways to get help. First, a web search is often very productive these days. If the matter involves court proceedings, ask the Court clerks if there are standard forms and how to get them. Likewise, if the matter is particularly important, you can and should visit the county law library and ask the librarians or clerks for suggestions. And, yes, you can even try online forms vendors.

Even with all these things, you often can’t be sure what you are doing is the correct. In the words of one snarky lawyer, “Your web search is no substitute for a law degree.” Lawyers, however, can be quite expensive. There is a brand new way in Kentucky for you to get the right legal help. The Supreme Court of Kentucky approved, in June 2018, the hiring of lawyer without the lawyer taking full responsibility for your case. This is called “limited representation,” and the Kentucky Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company even offers a form for it. LMIC Limited Representation Agreement Form.

With a limited representation agreement you can hire a lawyer for only part of your case while you remain in control. Although all lawyer can do this most are not willing because of the risk of your making mistakes and because of the the lack of profitability from this kind of agreement. If you talk a lawyer into it, consider yourself lucky!